Money to Grow

Whether your business is well established and in the black or a startup with an uncertain financial future, Razak Commercial Capital has financing options that can get you the cash you need. We offer accounts receivable financing to all types of businesses, large or small. If you have customers who pay their invoices up to 90 days or more, this may be a good option for your company.

How Does It Work?

Financing receivables is based upon your customers’ credit, so don’t worry if your company hasn’t established a strong credit history. We will pay you upfront a percentage of the receivables owed. When the customer settles the bill, we pay you the remaining balance minus the transaction fee.

How Is It Beneficial?

At Razak Commercial Capital we want you to succeed. This is why we offer generous terms and benefits with our accounts receivable financing, such as:

  • No fixed payments or personal guarantees
  • Free credit insurance for qualifying accounts
  • As sales and invoices increase, funding increases
  • No arbitrary loan board decisions
  • Cash in 24 hours

Use the money for any business expense. Meet payroll, increase inventory, renovate the waiting area, or take on larger orders. Contact us today to learn how financing from Razak Commercial Capital can help your business grow.